Corporate Information


Depending on our customers' life stage,
we help their fulfilling life
through optimal housing finance products
and a variety of services.

Life is made up of an accumulation of "aruhi (one day)"
And the day you get your own home or property is "aruhi" that is like no other.

SBI ARUHI supports a special "aruhi" for customers
by providing various of services and products necessary for people
who purchase or receive real estate through diverse channels including stores nationwide.

We suggest livable communities and houses suited to your life style,
help with selling and buying properties, and offer a range of services that make your life easier
by delivering homebuying products and services as a one-stop solution.

In addition to housing loans, we provide personal customers with consulting service
real estate collateralized loans, lease-back arrangements, and consulting service for seniors.
For realtors, we offer acquisition loans and properties for purchase.

We financially support you with home and living depending on your life stage
and contribute to creating a society filled with smiles.


We will contribute to make society happier,
helping people finance
the optimal home suited to their stage of life.

We are committed to being a leading company in housing finance field,
becoming a customers’ first choice with a complete range of financing services,
operational excellence, and a vast network of partners.


  • High ethical standards
  • Customer-centric
  • Self-transformation
  • Diversity
  • One team

Our Business

Housing loan

Housing loan business

Leveraging our strengths and knowhow as a specialist mortgage company, we recommend the best properties and housing loans for each customer.
SBI ARUHI's share of “Flat 35” all-time fixed-rate housing loans among financial institutions in Japan has reached 24.7%, retaining the No.1 spot for fourteen consecutive years.*2 We also offers a broad range of products including "ARUHI Super Flat" delivering lower interest rates than "ARUHI Flat 35" depending on down payments*3, bank agency products, variable interest rate products, and insurances.

Real estate

Real estate business

We support customers who want to buy a new home at various life stages from the first step to homebuying, helping them find the most livable town, look for a new home, and create a financial plan.

Real estate

Consumer services

Consumer services offers perks for our housing loan customers to support their home purchase and daily life in their new home such as moving and rental car.

  • *1 Total loan execution volume and amount as of july 2023 according to JMA Research Institute's study
  • *2 FY2010 - 2023 statistics on "Flat 35" execution volume including refinances at all financial institutions (SBI ARUHI's study as of end of March 2024)
  • *3 Compared with "ARUHI Flat 35" (loan period: 21 - 35 years)


Jun. 2000
Sep. 2006
Set up Japan's first full-scale housing loan agency system by partnering with a life insurance agency (First in Japan)
Sep. 2008
Became Japan's first mortgage bank obtaining a license to provide bank agency service (First in Japan)
Apr. 2012
Became first Japanese company to list on the Korea Exchange (KOSPI) (First in Japan)(Delisted when becoming a part of Carlyle group in February 2015)
May. 2015
Renamed ARUHI Corporation
Jul. 2015
Launched ARUHI Living Service to offer perks and partner services and products
Oct. 2016
Started offering “ARUHI Super Flat”
Nov. 2016
Started offering Sony Bank's variable interest rate products
Jan. 2017
Became first in Japan to leverage RPA to drastically reduced required fields on its housing loan application form (First in Japan)
Dec. 2017
Started offering “Quick Pre-screening Before Home Search”, a simple pre-screening tool for housing loans available before starting to look for properties
Dec. 2017
Started “ARUHI Presents:Livable Community Awards”
Dec. 2017
Listed on First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
Jul. 2018
Launched “ARUHI Variable S”
Jan. 2019
Automated mortgage application process with RPA; Started business process outsourcing service in May 2019
Nov. 2019
Established ARUHI Real Estate Technologies
Jan. 2020
Started offering au Jibun Bank's variable interest rate products
Jan. 2020
Issued Japan's first green residential mortgage-backed securities (Green RMBS) (First in Japan)
Apr. 2020
Started offering “ARUHI all illness protection insurance (with lump-sum hospitalization benefit)” that can be added to its housing loans
Feb. 2021
Entered business partnership with Hokuto Bank under which the bank refers prospective housing loan customers to its
Apr. 2021
Established ARUHI Homebuying Concierge
Nov. 2021
Started offering "TownU", web service of proposing “Most livable communities” based on each customer’s values and lifestyle
Apr. 2022
Transition to the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
May. 2022
Started offering "ARUHI Super 40"
Aug. 2022
Started offering "ARUHI Flat 50"
Sep. 2022
Mortgage servicing outstanding balance exceeds JPY 5 trillion
Nov. 2022
Became a member of the SBI group
Aug. 2023
Started offering “ARUHI Housing loan (MG Hosho) Your Select”
Dec. 2023
SBI Estate Finance, SBI Smile and SBI Guarantee became members of SBI ARUHI group
Jan. 2024
Renamed SBI ARUHI Corporation
Jan. 2024
Started offering SBI Sumishin Net Bank's variable interest rate products